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Shellac rules

Aran 11. 4. 2008

Když vám do mejlu přijde zpráva od Carlose, booking agenta Shellac, kde je jako předmět zprávy "shellac rules", trochu se možná bojíte, co si asi Albini a spol. vymysleli. Tady to máte černý na bleděmodrým:

shellac doesn't have a fancy rider or a (production) manager who loves to be difficult. shellac likes things to be simple, honest and back to the basics, it's all about the audience and the artist having the great show. to help shellac has compiled a couple of rules that are very important to them. the list is here as a result of playing (and visiting) shows for more then two decades.

no barrier/barricade
no guest list
no press list
no photo pass - anybody can take photos from the audience (nobody
onstage or backstage)
no audio recording, videotaping, webcasting, radio broadcast by
patrons OR by the venue
still photos are fine
no fancy screen printed poster that is for sale.

if this causes any problem, please inform me and please explain.
I hope you have a great weekend,

A my jen dodáváme: 5. května v Akropoli! Už se to blíží!!!