Silver Rocket

ARANANAR + Hourloupe zvou na turné

ÚV SRR 6. 9. 2023

Anar Badalov (ex - Travels, Metal Hearts) hrál v Česku několikrát jako New Dog, teď ho čekají koncerty v duu ARANANAR (zbrusu novou desku "Domov, co nebyl" si lze poslechnout TADY). "It's really an impossible task explaining to people in my life why coming to play in CZ is so important to me," říká Anar: "It’s one thing to explain how it’s even conceivable that dozens (hundreds?) of people make their way 2 hours from Prague to a reconstructed 19th-century church deep in the woods on a weeknight to listen to music, but another thing altogether to convey the amount of warmth and generosity I’ve felt upon entering every space I’ve ever played there, whether it was a pub, theater, or something in between. It's all incredibly unpretentious and I love it. After being away for 6 years, I can’t wait to get back and share a few beers with you all and to bring these Hourloupe and ARANANAR songs to life. I don't believe in much, but I think this tour was meant to be. I feel deeply honored to be playing with two very different musicians, both of whom, in their unique ways, capture something exquisitely beautiful and enigmatic in their writing. Thankfully I won’t have a microphone on stage this time around."

Ano, Anar je i polovina pozoruhodnýho dua Hourloupe. Tohle vzkazuje jeho druhá půlka Frank Menchaca: "Sleepwalkers, desert travelers, frozen lake ravers, sailors on ships lost in the forest: we invite you into the world Hourloupe. Crunching electronics, stacked drum loops, noisy guitars and somber pianos will guide you through the worlds without coordinates that make up their three (soon to be four) albums." Poslouchejte TADY.

8. září - Jihlava (Café Etage)
9. září - Zlín (Café 204)
10. září - Brno (Kabinet múz)
11. září - Kopřivnice (Galaxie)
15. září - Pardubice (Divadlo 29)
16. září - Soulkostel
17. září - Praha (Punctum)