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"Beastie Boys or Sick of it All?" "Beastie Boys"

ÚV SRR 22. 9. 2021

"As San Francisco city native, I started going to metal shows at age 12 with my older sister in the San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Scene. All our friends were older and urged me to play, since I had played upright bass in at age 11 in school, they said, you’ll be so good if you start playing now! Our scene was vibrant and very tight, bands like Exodus, Metallica, Slayer etc made up the network of our close friend / peer group…it was huge part of my upbringing and established my love for heavy music early on." TADY je skvělej novej rozhovor s Danou Schechter. Insect Ark solo set v Česku:

25. září: Tábor - Hatumoa Tattoo Studio
26. září: Vernéřovice - Soulkostel (+ UKWLT, Otra Vez)
27. září: Praha - Underdogs (+ UKWLT)