Silver Rocket


ÚV SRR 30. 1. 2023

"They are all about the cheery topics. Claustrophobia. Isolation. Suffocation. Stagnation. The atrophy of the genuine, altruistic human. The recognition of the silent ascendance of all the little things we swallow on a daily basis, sold as pretty posters, swallowed as small pills, tirelessly scrolling as a scold of comments from Saturday’s social media poet laureates. The apoleptic stand when faced with grabbing the studded tusk of some exploitative menace with a bundle of apocryphal as a sidedish for that normalised, passable nightmare. Existential dread on the constant cusp of escape but actually, painting yourself into a particularly tricky corner, a particularly slim edge. Their riposte to realise solace is through a private idea about what punk is/can do/look like/sound like." Lístky TADY.