Silver Rocket

"Most people think of folk music as soft and easy to listen to, we try to be more aggressive..."

ÚV SRR 31. 8. 2021

"Music speaks directly to our emotions and short-circuits all the ideological bullshit. The people in charge in the USA hated rock n' roll in the 1950s, because it challenged the ideology of racism and segregation without making any arguments, simply by having songs that everyone wanted to dance to. Music erases our divisions and brings us together in the common bond of humanity. And live music is the most real and pure way to experience that." Rozhovor s Alem Burianem (ex - Milemarker) je TADY. Al je teď polovina dua Anarkuss, jehož turné po Česku začíná ve středu v Kutný Hoře. Praha je v plánu v pondělí 6. září (Potrvá, support Overdrive In My Handbag). Přijďte se podívat!