Silver Rocket

"I think the Paramount Styles stuff speaks for itself..."

ÚV SRR 3. 11. 2020

"When we started doing Girls Against Boys, I remember at the beginning, we were touring around and Eli was pulling out a keyboard and I could almost hear people in the crowd groaning: ´Oh my God! Keyboard! Crap!´" TADY je čerstvej a hodně dobrej rozhovor se Scottem McCloudem o Soulside, Girls Against BoysParamount Styles, jejichž poslední album "Distant Karma" je TADY. "In fact, I really enjoy the feeling of playing more quiet music because one can hear the room, the space, you are playing in more easily. Loud volume music I also enjoy but its kind of blows away the room sometimes. Also, in a quieter setting we, the players, actually end up listening more to each other and playing off of what is happening rather than blasting through a set list. So… its a different but equally challenging situation."