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Kompilace 39 coverů Andy The Doorbuma

Aran 31. 10. 2019

“Andy the Doorbum is a friend, a light, a teacher & human being(?) in this world who has been putting out quality songs of healing & performance for 15+ years. A tribute compilation has been put out to help connect the energy, love & artistry that he has given in service to all the ones whom have received & back again." Právě vyšla monstrózní a krásná kompilace 39 songů chlapíka, kterýho známe a milujeme pod jménem Andy The Doorbum. Je mi ctí uzavírat tenhle úžasnej projekt songem "Missing Person". Strana A je TADY. Strana B je TADY. Yours truly... Aran Epochal.