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SOULSIDE (Dischord) po třiceti letech v Evropě

ÚV SRR 23. 9. 2019

Před třiceti lety se Soulside stali jednou z prvních punk/HC kapel, která pronikla za železnou oponu. „In the spring of 1989, thirty years ago, Soulside set out on a European tour that would change our lives. It lasted more than three months and culminated with the recording of our final album, Hot Bodi-Gram, in Holland. This tour would also be the end of our band. Not because the tour was difficult, there were many reasons, but mainly at the time it felt like the greatest achievement we could have ever hoped to experience with our music," vzpomíná Scott McCloud. "The people who organized these concerts in some cases went to extremes to be able to do so. Their stories are even more interesting than ours. To remember this story, and time, and to share anything we can, Soulside will play a number of shows in October 2019.“ V Česku Soulside hned dvakrát:

1. října - Brno, Kabinet Múz (+ Prohra Praha, A-Sun Amissa)
2. října - Praha, Klub 007 (+ Prohra Praha)