Silver Rocket

Hi, my name is Scott McCloud!

Scott McCloud 10. 7. 2009

Hi, my name is Scott McCloud and this is our group Paramount Styles in which I play with my longtime friend and bandmate Alexis Fleisig. We've toured a lot this last year, including some great shows in Prague and look forward to this Silver Rocket Summer Solo event! Czech Rep. starts to feel like a second home to us. Joining Alexis and I will be Simon Lenski (on cello, from the great Belgian experimental classical group DAAU) Chris Smet, also from Belgium on lead guitar. And Prague's own Adam Nenadal on bass! We are grateful and glad to have found so many friends here. I am also personally grateful to not be in Russian jail anymore. So this year, in particular, seems wonderful. We look forward with great anticipation and gratitude.