Silver Rocket

E – Complications

E - Complications

SRR 103 / Silver Rocket / Lokal Rekorc / 2020

The third album of a trio that defies the possibilities of a trio. Thalia Zedek (ex-Come, Live Skull), Gavin McCarthy (ex-Karate) and Jason Sanford (ex-Neptune) decided for the Silver Rocket / Lokal Rekorc family after two records at Thrill Jockey. What can we say? We are honoured. And we also love Complications!


  1. Caught
  2. Acid Mantle
  3. Contagion Model
  4. Sunrise
  5. Miasma
  6. Dead Drop
  7. Gelding
  8. Like a Leaf
  9. Apiaries Near Me

International orders

The E - Complications LP is available for 15 euro plus shipping (roughly from 6 to 14 euro). In the event of ordering multiple copies the shipping price rises accordingly.

Inside the record you will find a coupon that will allow you to download a MP3 version of the album from the band's Bandcamp page.

To order from Europe, send a message (preferably using the e-mail associated with your PayPal account, if you already have one; or just put this account name in text) to with your full postal address and telephone number. You will receive a reply with a link to a page where you can choose from two payment methods – PayPal or credit card. Please allow several days for the order to be processed after the payment arrives. Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

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