Silver Rocket

SUMAC už 16. června!

Aran 2. 6. 2019

Dneska je neděle 2. června, což  - mimo jiné - znamená, že koncert Sumac + Daniel Menche + The Austerity Program je už za 14 dní. "´Love In Shadow´ involves more improvised passages, for one thing. I’d say that’s probably the biggest difference. That’s always been a component of our music but we intentionally expanded that this time around and left bigger pieces of each song open to interpretation. We’ve also been interested in long-form songwriting and this record is obviously even more sprawling than the last one in terms of track lengths," popisuje Aaron Turner novou desku v TOMHLE zajímavým rozhovoru. Lístky jsou v obvyklejch předprodejích, bez poplatku pak TADY.