Silver Rocket

"It is the sound of the voice and the act of singing that make the vocals indispensible, not what is being said."

ÚV SRR 20. 2. 2018

V roce 2015 jsme podnikli terénní výzkum, abysme zjistili něco víc o Timber Rattle. "There are a few reasons that we don't have a lot of ´online presence´. First, I'm not interested in spending a lot of time on the computer/internet cultivating social media. Second, there is nothing about what is essential to the project that is well-represented by digital media. The music we have up online is the minimum that I felt we could get away with to easily/freely share the recordings in the interest of booking/promoting shows. But, as a big part of – and inspiration for – playing this music is the exploration of environment (especially the natural environment), the internet (as a sort of ´non-place´) is almost antithetical to everything we are interested in celebrating." TOHLE jsme tenkrát zjistili...