Silver Rocket


ÚV SRR 17. 2. 2017

"Ultimately, the exclamation that punk is dead or rap is dead is old people self-eulogizing. Ultimately, punk is not dead. Punk is never dead. Punk is only dead if you don’t look at it. ’Cause, the thing is, sure, it’s really easy to say punk is dead, but it’s like, it’s easy to say “Punk is dead” in London or New York City, where it’s a fashion choice. But when you go to Eastern Europe, and you have people fighting cops to start night clubs, that doesn’t get any more punk, my man. And it’s way more punk than the Sex Pistols ever fucking were. That shit is still alive and well. Nas came out with Hip Hop Is Dead a couple of years ago, and it was like, “Nah, man, rap’s not dead, dude. New York is dead. Your rap is dead.” The most exciting rap music that’s been made in decades is going on in the Midwest and the South and in places that people ignore… "